zondag 23 augustus 2009

i think iám realy back now ;)
this weekend i was in goes it was fun great and i realy got the scrapfever back !!
i did little workshops for scrapvefer.. thanks chantal for the great weekend..
and i love to see so manny friendly faces again..

iám feeling happy now i realy missed our great hobby so tonight im going scrapping again..

and think im going to this pic ..

dinsdag 18 augustus 2009

back again

hello back again..

after 8 day's lieing in the hospital im back home finaly and feeling better..
this time whas hard real hard want i mised my son his 3 birthday.. and the children where real scarred this time, so it was hard on all of us..
so im not doing scrapping jet so you still must wait for that.. im sorry

but here some pics i made from tara and tom a week before..