dinsdag 30 september 2008

hello i'm back!!!

hello evreyone im back..
and it was realy f***** awsome... so much to see and whe have to little time.. so we are already thinking when we are going back..

here you can see some sneaks..

ohh and i saw in dover a little craft shop but it was clossed that was a bummer next time im going to make a list for scrapbook shops in de uk so ive you now some email me please... ;-)

vrijdag 26 september 2008

almost weekend..

oke im going too say goodbye for now..
whant im going to the UK..
im going whit mornixuur too photgraph over there
i'm so happpy to go there so people in the uk near london
ive you see a girl jumping up and down and having a blast whit her camera in here hand .. it is a good change its me lol...

woensdag 24 september 2008

dinsdag 23 september 2008

Just me


iam who iam, and proud to stand here where im standing..
im chaotic, restless, perfectionistic, naieve,
amd all those opposites drives me crazy sometimes..
im a girl that is in love with romance her self..
and falls in love whit a great picture..
i love my life and love being me

dinsdag 9 september 2008

maandag 8 september 2008

look at this!!!

Iám guest designer this month by scrap-idees
those girls are so tallented and the sketches are so great you must see this..
so go over there and ply whit them ...

this lo is my entire.. Always remeber life is your biggest journey