zondag 26 december 2010

normally i don't show urbex photo's but i so love this serie

first off all merry christmas too you all!!
hope you had a great time with youre love ones..

second i fail... i did not come further than tag 4 :(
but it was a good inspiartion boost, and im creating somthing pretty unique for a cool blog.. coming up soon..

and now the post normally i dont show my urbex pics on my blog, but i'm so proud of this pictures i just wanna show you them..

Can you see whats going on in my mind???

iám not that complex, just look deeper and you can see what is inside of me

Normally i dont let you see my heart....

I give you every little peace of me...

zondag 5 december 2010

Tag 2

here my second tag of 12,

vrijdag 3 december 2010

donderdag 2 december 2010

12 tags before x-mass

hi all,

ive you mised it ,, Tim holtz is doing his tradition 12 tags before christmas again :-)

so i was thinking i can do that.. so im going to do 12 tags(projects for christmas)inspired by tim holtz,

so here a sneak of my first tag, i will make tommorow beter pictures..

ive you are making 12 tags too let me know i love too see them ;)

vrijdag 29 oktober 2010


its realy long a go that i did some good blogging.. i'm so sorry..
scrapbooking is slow here i dont have the energy to do something..
but in 6 months you have also youre good day's so here a sneak..
hope you like it

a little mini about tara

maandag 2 augustus 2010

Movie Map

a ikea alterd cd map

zaterdag 31 juli 2010

new new new :)

hi all what do you think of mine new layout for this blog??..
a new hobby... so i think it wil be changing a lot (grin)

here some pics of Tara and Tom. my sweeties..
and tommorow i will uploud a scrap :)
have a nice day!

zondag 27 juni 2010

a rose

“One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon-instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today.”

vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Bilora Bella

just some inspiration on my table ;) love this little antiek cam

hope you have a great weekend..

dinsdag 1 juni 2010

some pictures

here some pictures i made in germany..

im doing ok now and scrap are in the making ;)
Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

and me
non est ad astra mollis e terris via

zaterdag 15 mei 2010

Dreams a lifetime journey

i was cleaning out my closet and found a book vol of scraps looking true them i saw layouts i coundt remember anny more and not posting them on my blog..

this one is special too me because of the journaling.. but in dutch sorry

Jij mijn kleine schat,
Jij bent zo bijzonder jij gaat op reis veder dan iedereen jou fantasie is grenzeloos en inspiratievol...
Jij gaat naar werelden waar de wereld roze is en het gras paars.
jouw koffer is gevuld, en de kleinste zandkorrel is van onschatbare waarde..
als jij op reis gaat ben je gelukkig en ik laat een traan een traan omdat je daar wel bent en hier hier vind je de wereld soms zo moeilijk en zo frustrerend,
het liefst zou ik me koffer pakken en met jou meegaan, mee gaan naar een wereld waar eenhoorns leven en de bloemen op wolken groeien.
de zon regenbogen uit straalt en waar jij rust in je lijfje en je hoofdje vind..
het spijt me zo dat ik soms moet zeggen dat jij niet op reis mag gaan.. dat je vedriet heb om het verdriet..
en boos bent om het boos zijn.
ik kan je niet naar je wereld brengen waar jij je fijn voelt maar ik kan wel zeggen dat ik hier ben en heel veel van je hou mijn kleine schat en dat ik je zoveel mogenlijk zal helpen om je hemel roze te maken...

(tara is diagnosed with asperger)

vrijdag 14 mei 2010

Garden Magic

Garden Magic
This is the garden's magic,
That through the sunny hours
The gardener who tends it, Himself outgrows his flowers.

He grows by gift of patience,
Since he who sows must know
That only in the Lord's good time
Does any seedling grow.

He learns from buds unfolding,
From each tight leaf unfurled,
That his own heart, expanding,
Is one with all the world.

He bares his head to sunshine,
His bending back a sign
Of grace, and ev'ry shower becomes
His sacramental wine.

And when at last his labors
Bring forth the very stuff
And substance of all beauty
This is reward enough.

have a nice weekend

woensdag 12 mei 2010

made something

hey everyone not feeling so well the last couple of weeks so no scraps. too show you i'm sorry ..
but i made this collage tonight because i coudnt sleep..
hope you like it

vrijdag 19 maart 2010

long time...bad news

hey all i didn't blog
because i was living and enjoying my live..

but today i heard some realy bad news..

my friend stoped by.. and when i open the door i saw it in here eeyes it wasn't good..
5 years ago we meet in a hospital and we clickt she lived near and we became friends..
good friends because we have a simmaler condition and we talk about evreything the pain the medicine the treatments.. but also about live and the things we want to do..
1 year ago it did not go whell with me and whe were scarred real scarred and she was always near.. here condition was good..
and now, now is mine condition is pretty good
but she she is given up.. not years but only months she have too live..
evry thing in her body is shotting down and pain is more than you can imagene..

we did not cry only give a hug and sit next to eachother for 1 our..
i can not rapp my head around it..

i lost a lot of people to death even my own daughter.. i know the world is not a fare place.. but this this news is making me feel like a zombie..
i know living youre best is the way too life.. but sometimes we need a break!!!!

donderdag 4 maart 2010

self portait

Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.

woensdag 3 maart 2010

bottle art 2

in these bottles i put my hardware for scrapbooking

maandag 1 maart 2010

Bottle art

i made this one this summer but did not post it,
i will put 2 more this week online

vrijdag 26 februari 2010

another one

just another cyanotypie i wanna show...
1 realy want to make o whole minni book of them but its a lot of work but i think its worth it

woensdag 24 februari 2010


Hoera iám a papergirl

im a designer for paper and pictures in a great and talented team.. can wait to working side by side with those great girls...

so i have now a big stick behind my door too scrap a lot more and learn even more...

maandag 22 februari 2010


this weekend i learend something new.. and i love it, its a old technique cold cynotypie... making mine own digital pics analoog ;)

here two sampels i made.. and soon i will go scrapbooking with this technique

woensdag 6 januari 2010

Youre smile brightens my day.

hope you all have great start of the new year,
mine did'nt started that great, but when a read the story of my great friend corinne and her boy, and him linging in the hospital im glad the troubles i have whit my healt is by me and not by my kids.. i think the hardest thing too see is that youre child is sick and you can do nthing about that..
she is so strong and i realy have a lot of respect for her and how she is staying so cool about evreything

so i made this lo too make myself happy again..
i so love tom his smile it looks like the whole world brightens up!!