dinsdag 30 september 2008

hello i'm back!!!

hello evreyone im back..
and it was realy f***** awsome... so much to see and whe have to little time.. so we are already thinking when we are going back..

here you can see some sneaks..

ohh and i saw in dover a little craft shop but it was clossed that was a bummer next time im going to make a list for scrapbook shops in de uk so ive you now some email me please... ;-)

9 opmerkingen:

Eve zei

Welcome back ! Meriem ;)

nicktoĊ›ka zei

meriem! what a place on the photo!!!

Jackie zei

Geweldig mooie foto's..
Ga je snel bellen...

Anoniem zei

Wat een prachtige foto!!!

Nat zei

yeahhh - she is back. Wowsers- look at the texture of those photos!

Trine {Triurine} zei

wow! that's really grate pictures!!! amazing texture on those walls and roof!

scraptamara zei

Oooh jaloeeeeers hihi.Nee geintje hoor meis.Wat een geweldige plek voor foto's zucht.Zag al wat op je hyves voorbij komen.Echt helemaal mooi.

Tessa Tegendraads zei

prachtig meriam!!!
Echt super cool...
ik zie je denk ik vrijdag weer??
Zaterdag lekker workshoppen...

XX Tessa

Vianna zei

Where is this BEAUTIFULLY sad, abandoned house ??? I'm in love with it! Greetings from Florida!