vrijdag 3 juli 2009

hey all

oke its a real long time ago i blog... hope i know how i musr do this again ;)
thank you all for your kind emails..
a little update why in dec i was realy sick and whe had a hard time dealing wiht that .. so no energie to scrap or post some thing was not there.. i ignore my friends/fammily and want to be allone.. im sorry for that..

but the sun is shinning and i have more and more better day's so i hope i'm back because i missed you...
a picture of me

8 opmerkingen:

Ruth zei

Thank the lord for the sunshine..those dark gloomy winter days don't do anyone any good!

I'm pleased you are back again and I love your stunning photograph

I hope this sunshine brings back your sparkle soon. xxx

MvM-design zei

Blij dat het beter met je gaat!
De inspiratie gaat wel weer komen en de foto is vreselijk mooi ;-)

Eve zei

Dear Meriam..
Thank you for this little post with this beautiful picture of you..
Thanks you too, for your response to my mail..
I know too, those days we want to be alone .. so, I understand..
Take the time you need.. and don't forget we think to you..
Sweet kisses ;)
Eve ;)

Liefs Inge zei

Fijn dat het beter gaat!
Ga je hier zeker weer volgen'
Groetjes, Ingelientje

Esmeralda zei

Oh heerlijk!Laat de zon maar veel schijnen! Ben blij dat het je goed doet! Welcome back!!

mabaco zei

i'm very happy you are back!!!

rosaliaa zei

great that you are back!!!
love your artwork :D

Bianca zei

Gelukkig ben je weer opgeknapt meis... blij dat je er weer bent.