woensdag 6 januari 2010

Youre smile brightens my day.

hope you all have great start of the new year,
mine did'nt started that great, but when a read the story of my great friend corinne and her boy, and him linging in the hospital im glad the troubles i have whit my healt is by me and not by my kids.. i think the hardest thing too see is that youre child is sick and you can do nthing about that..
she is so strong and i realy have a lot of respect for her and how she is staying so cool about evreything

so i made this lo too make myself happy again..
i so love tom his smile it looks like the whole world brightens up!!


11 opmerkingen:

Miranda zei

Ohw Meriam, prachtig weer!!!! het zijn ook super mooie foto's! Lekker ventje hoor!!!

rosaliaa zei

meriam, hope everythinh will be ok with you and your friends. sometimes life is so unfair with all this problems we have to manage.
you work is beautiful as always

Liefs Inge zei

Prachtig is ie weer! Tom heeft inderdaad een verukkelijke lach

Moniqui zei

Supergeweldig! Het babydoosje is ook prachtig!

Jackie zei

sjees, ook tom word groot, zucht !!!

Vind het een leuke layout..

Wendy Kwok zei

I just found your site.. you do gorgeous work, I love it

Oward(e) zei

OH!" la laaaa qu'est-ce que c'est jolie cette page!!! Bravo

Anoniem zei

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Té la mà Maria - Reus zei

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Anoniem zei

It is rather interesting for me to read this post. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them. BTW, why don't you change design :).

Soraya zei

Hoi Meriam, bedankt voor het delen van je creativiteit. Op mijn blog heb ik een award aan je uitgedeeld, kom je hem ophalen? Hug, Soraya x