vrijdag 19 maart 2010

long time...bad news

hey all i didn't blog
because i was living and enjoying my live..

but today i heard some realy bad news..

my friend stoped by.. and when i open the door i saw it in here eeyes it wasn't good..
5 years ago we meet in a hospital and we clickt she lived near and we became friends..
good friends because we have a simmaler condition and we talk about evreything the pain the medicine the treatments.. but also about live and the things we want to do..
1 year ago it did not go whell with me and whe were scarred real scarred and she was always near.. here condition was good..
and now, now is mine condition is pretty good
but she she is given up.. not years but only months she have too live..
evry thing in her body is shotting down and pain is more than you can imagene..

we did not cry only give a hug and sit next to eachother for 1 our..
i can not rapp my head around it..

i lost a lot of people to death even my own daughter.. i know the world is not a fare place.. but this this news is making me feel like a zombie..
i know living youre best is the way too life.. but sometimes we need a break!!!!

17 opmerkingen:

Guylaine zei

sorry to read about it
there is anything I can do, there is no good and just words I can find
but I'll think of you two

Marie-Aimée zei

I'm so sorry to read that

rosaliaa zei

I am very sad about your friend. I cannot imagine her pain and fear. I ma think of her and you. Take care!

Kim zei

Weet eigenlijk niet zo goed wat ik moet zeggen...

Heel veel sterkte meis!

Corien XXX zei

I'm so sorry for your friend, life isn't fair.

jolan zei

Pfffff... heftig allemaal. Woorden schieten te kort. Moeilijk! Ik wist eea ook niet totdat ik het net op je blog las. Soms is het leven niet eerlijk. Sterkte Jolanda

Linn zei

I am so sorry to hear the pain and terrible news you got about your friend. My best friend since childhood is also fighting for her life. It is as you say difficult to describe or handle. And yes life can seem so cruel and harsh. I am so sad for all your losses, just want to send you some kind toughts and a warm hug.

Mornixuur zei

We wil survive this and take the bad news and turn it into something good... :)

MvM-design zei

Pfff heel veel sterkte meis....

Antoinette zei

This is so sad...
Wishing you and your friend all the strenght you need xoxo

Loes zei

Wat verschrikkelijk! Wat is het toch oneerlijk soms! Heel veel sterke.

wendela zei

owww Meriam, wat verschrikkelijk!! Heel veel sterkte

loes de groot zei

heel veel sterkte...

rosaliaa zei

meriam is everything ok? pls give me a sign

Isabelle zei

sorry sorry,

Je suis sincèrement désolée......


Liefs Inge zei

Woorden kan ik niet vinden. Alleen een gevoel. Zou een arm om je willen slaan en je troosten. Lieve Meriam was net zo blij dat met jou alles goed ging, en nu lees ik dit...Sterkte

Je@net zei

Sterkte Meriam!